National Poinsettia Day: Go Get Those Flowers

The pop of floral color in everyone’s home means the holidays are right around the corner. National Poinsettia Day on December 12 also forms a cultural bridge between the U.S and Mexico.


According to National Today poinsettias, known as Euphorbia Pulcherrima, come in hundreds of colors. Even if students have a limited holiday decorating budget, or just don’t have the time to decorate, Poinsettias are the small but festive way to go. 


There is Poinsettia punch, a drink that blends 14 ounces of cranberry juice with 20 ounces of ginger ale.  Then throw in a dash of lemon juice for some citrus flavor.


According to National Today These plants are harmless and are not poisonous, but still keep them away from pets because the plants might cause your fur baby an upset stomach. Poinsettias are able to bloom after the holidays, but you have to do a lot of work during the spring and summer to make them stay healthy so they will be able to bloom.  


Katie Albinson a Arrowhead High School Lc Teacher says “ I have bought poinsettias to decorate before but I have always used real ones because they are a easy plant to keep alive.”