Students Share New Year’s Resolutions

With the end of the year approaching, many students are starting to think about their resolutions for 2023. 


Senior Kennedy Mann’s resolution is to get more active outside of dance, she is the captain of Arrowhead’s varsity dance team, the Hawkettes. She also wants to eat healthier, and focus on her mental health by getting off her phone.


Senior Alaina Gouge’s New Year’s resolution is to not lose sight of her future goals, like college and her life plans. 


Senior Carson Ketterhagen’s resolution is to drink more water.


Senior Anthony Mewborn wants to release an album in 2023, he currently has four songs out as of December 16th, and is releasing another one on Christmas day. His music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud, he goes by “Rich the Wicked.”


Senior Carmen Hanson wants to make sure she volunteers more in the new year. 


“I really want to help more people,” said Hanson.


Senior Ari Scaffidi said she wants to learn to prioritize herself. 


Senior Ty Getz wants to get faster in swimming, he has been swimming since freshman year. 


Senior Noah Vasko has a goal of going to the gym five days a week. Senior Chase Warchol also wants to go to the gym more. 


Senior George Weatherbee plans to save his money. 


Senior Hannah Birkel’s goal is to have a healthier diet and overall lifestyle. 


Senior Maddie Fintel’s plan is to work hard and get rich. She is planning on going into real estate, and she is currently working at her Mom’s restaurant, Kim’s Gourmet Pizza Pub in Stone Bank, as a server. 


“I also hope to get better sleep this year. 2022 was a very busy year for me,” said Fintel.


Senior Lily Wakefield wants to clean her room weekly, stay organized and find more time for self care.