What Gifts Students Want for the Holidays

Winter break is approaching in the next two weeks. Students will have off from school starting December 23rd and will come back on January 2nd.


Many students including Howard Hughes, a senior, are participating in gift giving activities like Secret Santa or White Elephant. The premise of both games is to give participants one gift which makes it easier financially, instead of buying everyone a single gift. 


Kyra Vojvodich, a senior, said she would want a gift with meaning. She says, “Something super heartfelt like money. Or something that I could sell such as an organ, or if I feel a connection with you, a vial of your blood.” 


Heartfelt gifts can be handcrafted items or a gift that has meaning to its recipient. 


One of the most popular websites for customized gifts is Etsy. Gift Ideas can include handwritten letter night lights, customized hats, personalized jewelry, and much more. The price range for these items start at $14 with the highest listing being $50.


Senior Ava Ramos says “My ideal gift is something thoughtful like art or a wall piece.” Ramos says she plans on creating her own gifts for her friends and family. 


The holidays can be a hard time for families financially, so inexpensive holiday gift ideas can include DIY decorated heartfelt letters, Mason Jars, or painted mugs. These can be bought from the Dollar Tree and then decorated with at home supplies. The nearest Dollar Tree is located 2740 Heritage Dr, Delafield, WI 53018. 


Kate Sprinkman said, “The number one gift for me always is candles. I am obsessed with candles. Or a song I like on vinyl.”


Candles of different scents can be found at a variety of stores including Walmart, Marshalls, Kohls, and Target. Smaller candles are typically less expensive than larger selections. 


Sprinkman has a method for finding gifts for her friends and family. “I think of a show they like or a band, or a movie they like, and I get them merchandise for that.”