Arrowhead Graduate: Lucilie Duchac

Onesti Ekholm and Zara Agustin Jardon

Lucile Duchac attended all four years of high school at Arrowhead and is a 2022 Arrowhead High School graduate. While at Arrowhead, Duchac planned to attend the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and was accepted to start her education in fall of  2023.


During her time at Arrowhead, Duchac participated in many clubs but she says her most memorable were Cross Country and Forensics. 


Duchac competed on the Junior Varsity for two years before making the Varsity Cross Country her Junior year. After high school, Duchac says she followed her passion for Women’s Cross Country at the University of La-Crosse. 


At the Olivet National Preview Meet, Duhac ran a 6,000 meter race. Out of the 108 runners that participated she placed in fifth. Her time was 24:24.


Duchac spent four years in Arrowhead’s forensics. Her final year, she competed in the category Oratory, where she was a semi-finalist in the 2022 WFCA State Tournament. Her highest ranking was 1st place in the Arrowhead High School Tournament.


Duchac said, “ I am mostly working on school work.” 


Currently Duchac is planning on getting her undergraduate degree and afterward she plans to attend law school. 


Duchac spends most of her time at practice and at the library. “I basically live at the library.”


The thing Duchac misses most about Arrowhead is the teachers. One of her favorite teachers was Mrs.Herrman who taught Duhac’s AP Literature class. 


Duchac said, “Arrowhead has definitely prepared me for college.”