Go Bake Brownies on National Brownie Day

Legend has it that the creation of brownies came from the Palmer House Hotel in 1893. Palmer requested a cake-like delicacy small enough to  be included in boxed lunches. The result was the Palmer House Brownie with walnuts and an apricot glaze. The Palmer House Hotel is located in Downtown Chicago IL and is open 24 hours. A standard room to stay in for the night is $95.00 a night. 


The modern Palmer House Hotel serves dessert to patrons made from the same recipe. The name was given to the dessert sometime after 1893, but not used by cook books or journals at the time. 


Brownies can be consumed on any occasion and making these bad boys at home is only part if the fun. 1988 knew what they were doing when they gobbled down 2 billion of these treats, and with so many ways to customize and create a perfect brownie there’re endless ways to enjoy it without getting tired of the chocolatey brownies. 


Donovan Shallue, a Arrowhead high school Freshman says, “I think that my favorite thing to put inside brownies are Andy’s Candies.”


The closest location for students to get a massive arrangement of frownies and sweets is Sendik’s Food Market located 600 Hartbrook Dr, Hartland. They have a massive selection of different types of cake, brownies and donuts and other sweet treats. Sendik’s original brownies that they make are Sendik’s Original Wicked Brownies. The total cost of one slice of brownie is $3.99.