Students create the perfect Christmas list for Santa!

Christmas time is referred to as the “most wonderful time of the year.” With it being a month after Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve the next week, ‘tis the holiday season. Which is in fact very popular here at Arrowhead. 


Students and staff get a Holiday break from Friday, December 23rd to Monday, January 2, 2023. 


Now how to make the perfect Christmas list? 


Creating a Christmas wish list can take the stress out of holiday shopping and ensure everyone ends up with a gift they truly love. But sometimes creating that list is easier said than done. 


Here are some tips to make it easier:

  1. Start early.

It’s vital to start your wish list early for two main reasons. First, this gives you time to put quality items on your list instead of filling it up with ideas off the top of your head. Second, it gives your family more time to shop, which is especially important if they like to start months before Christmas. Also, there will be no scrambling for gifts!

  1. Think of wants and needs.

This may seem obvious, but many people are so busy thinking about what they need, they forget to put wants on their list. So, take some time and think about things that you want, but wouldn’t buy for yourself.

  1. Try to replace old and outdated belongings.

If you take a look around your home, it’s almost guaranteed something is broken or worn down.  If so, consider adding it to your Christmas wish list. While your hand-me-down TV stand may be working for now, it won’t last forever. Putting this on your wish list gives you the chance to upgrade now before it falls apart.

  1. Consider luxury items.

Everyone has wanted something expensive, but couldn’t justify spending money like that on something for themselves. Well you deserve to be treated, add that expensive jewelry, watch, bag, designer clothes, gaming system, or all of the above! While you might think that nobody in your family would get it for you, you may be surprised. Several family members may chip in for a luxury gift or your parents may decide to get you one expensive gift rather than a few cheaper ones.

  1. Don’t forget about experiences. 

Not all gifts have to be physical items! If you prefer experiences over material possessions, consider asking for tickets, gift certificates, memberships, or passes for activities like escape rooms or sports games. 

  1. Consider budget.

It’s easy to go crazy and forget about a budget. But, you don’t want every item on your list to be expensive or you may have family members that can’t afford to get you anything on your wishlist. To avoid this, consider including some affordable options on your list! If you’re doing a secret Santa with your friends, don’t forget to ask about the budget, so you know what the limit is for your wish list.

  1. Once the list is made, check it twice! 

After narrowing things down, you’ll want to create a final copy of your list that is clean and easy to read so your friends and family members can get you exactly what you want. 


Students say gifts this year include personal care items like skincare, clothing items, concert tickets, merchandise, vacations, shoes, accessories, and car care items.


Many ideas students find are inspired online. 


“I asked for a drunk elephant skincare set since it’s so trendy,” senior Mia Geyman said. 


While most students say they are last minute shoppers, some were ahead of the game getting all their gifts before Thanksgiving. Places to get gifts are unlimited. Amazon has a section of gifts for babies, men, women, teens, and cheap gifts. Places to shop also include the mall, shoe outlets, online, target, and many more. 


Senior Emma Domacinovich did a variety of shopping. She said, “I couldn’t resist buying all my friends gifts when the deals for Black Friday were so good online and in stores.”


If Christmas shopping and wishes are not checked off on the list yet, get on it! December is flying right by, and the students of Arrowhead want to buy and receive gifts! 


Many students enjoy being able to debut their gifts after break.


Senior Lola Dieringer said, “the most exciting part is seeing what everyone else received.”