Students Share What They Got for St. Nick’s Day

Many students woke up on December 6th with surprises in their stockings. St. Nick’s day is a tradition that recognizes a third-century saint who was an inspiration for the modern day Santa Clause. During this tradition, people get candy and little gifts either in their stockings or their shoes. 


Senior Maddie Fintel said she got many little things in her stocking, like candy and cosmetics. 


“I like to get a lot of little things, it makes the presents more meaningful,” said Fintel. 


Many students shared getting chocolate and candy canes. 


Senior Cameron Flannick received a new shirt from GymShark for St. Nick’s, which is a brand that makes high quality workout clothes. 


Senior Kennedy Mann got new serum from the brand The Ordinary, an expensive but high quality brand with a good reputation for helping skin. 


Senior Wyatt McKinnon got a large bag of Sour Patch Kids.


“Sour Patch Kids are my favorite candy,” said McKinnon.


Some students got a lot for St. Nick’s. Like senior Ava Rogers got a new water bottle, an outfit, and a pair of shoes. 


Senior Lola Dieringer shared how she hasn’t gotten anything for St. Nick’s, but she should be expecting something in the mail. 


“I have no clue what it could be, my mom didn’t tell me,” she said.