What Students did over Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break just ended November 28th and according to multiple students they are having a hard time adjusting to being back in school after being gone for five days. Students expressed it was nice to have a short break after working hard during the quarter.


Students’ last day was Tuesday, November 22nd, and had off until the following Monday the 28th. In between the break, there was Thanksgiving which was on the 24th, and black Friday which was the day after Thanksgiving on the 25th.  


Most people said they caught up on sleep or relaxed.


Senior Jacie O’Shea said she mostly stayed at home and slept in. “It felt nice to relax and catch up on my sleep.” 


Along with O’Shea, sophomore Gabby Haas said that she slept most of the break as well. Along with sleeping, Haas also had practice for basketball and a game on Friday 11/25 versus Cedarburg and Saturday 11/26 vs Slinger. 


Another basketball player Senior Bella Samz said she was also very busy with basketball over break. Samz said that her coach wanted the team to stay conditioned and ready for the upcoming games that they have. 


Samz had a game on Friday 11/25 as well as JV against Waterford and again on Saturday 11/26 against DSHA. 


While others were sleeping and playing sports, Senior Madison Fintel said that she worked over Thanksgiving break and on Thanksgiving day. “I work at my Mom’s restaurant, Kim’s, and people on Thanksgiving were definitely giving thanks to me with lots of generous tips.”


You can view the restaurant here.


Fintel said that after her Thanksgiving shift, she got to go home and eat her own Thanksgiving dinner. Her favorite food on the table was the sweet potatoes. 


Senior Mame Wagner held a Friendsgiving over break for her and her friends. Wagner says, “It was very fun to get my friends together and have each person have a different type of thanksgiving food to bring.” 


Senior Ellie Sepmin was not in town during Thanksgiving break. She took a family vacation to Colorado. Sepmin says, “It was lots of fun and great to spend time with family.”