Students and Teachers Share Holiday Traditions

With Christmas being right around the corner, various Arrowhead students and teachers wanted to share their family traditions.


Senior Junny Hernandez shared a celebration called Las Posadas. He described this as a big event that includes giving out goodie bags and going caroling in Mexico. This takes place on the twelve days leading up to December 24th, it is a celebration of Virgin Mary. 


Seniors Jacie O’Shea and Jack Ziemman participate in a German tradition of hiding a pickle somewhere and whoever finds it gets a reward. Along with Study Hall Supervisor Stephanie Lawson, she shared having a large dinner with her family and hiding the pickle. 


Another tradition Ziemann does is going to a Christmas store and finding and collecting mini snowmen. 


“I have a huge collection of snowmen in my room.” Said Ziemann. 


Senior Annie Maclean has themed Christmas parties. This year they are doing Tom Cruise characters, they have to dress up as characters that the actor has played. In previous years they have done a Beatles theme and Clue theme. 


“I’m going as Tom Cruise in the Outsiders.” Maclean said. 


Some more known traditions, senior Cameron Flannick goes caroling, and senior Ava Rogers plays card games with her family and bets with quarters. Junior Nadah Arabiyat goes to the big Christmas tree in delafield after dinner.