What Students Plan To Get Friends For Christmas

Caitlyn Soya, Reporter

Christmas is only a few weeks away. Students this year again participate in gift giving traditions here at Arrowhead like Secret Santa and White Elephant. 


Secret Santa is a gift giving tradition where people draw a piece of paper and randomly select a participating friend. Then, for whomever the person selects is to give a gift to that friend and after the giver is revealed.


White Elephant is similar. In this gift exchange all gifts are put in a common pool. Then players draw numbers to determine order. Each person grabs one gift. After gifts are delegated you can keep swapping, “stealing” gifts. The game ends when a person declines a steal. Official rules for the game are linked here.


Students like Ava Ramos, Arrowhead senior, says she participates in a different tradition. She said, “Arrowhead Cheerleading has its own tradition called a sock exchange every year. We have a limit of 10 dollars and usually buy fuzzy socks for each other.”


Some students may purchase gifts while others may make their own. 


Annie MacLean, an Arrowhead senior, says, “This year and years in the past I’ve made my own gifts for my friends.”


Craft stores like Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, and Hobby Lobby all provide resources to purchase gifts or the materials to make your own. 


Ashlynn Fidalgo, Arrowhead Junior says what makes a good gift and why.


Fidalgo says, “I like to get Little sketchbooks/notebooks, festive blankets, candles. What makes a good gift is when it comes from the heart and a gift that means something.”


Gift giving doesn’t always have to be expensive. Ramos says, “I spend anywhere from $10-30 dollars 


With ideas for gift giving it’s interesting to see when students give their gifts to each other. Fidalgo says she exchanges them before break, with MacLean exchanging hers during break. 


Sometimes Secret Santa is very fun, but other times it can take interesting turns. Kate Ahearn, an Arrowhead junior says, “Yes, I was given a mini baby doll with one foot that had its head missing along with a sock…all wrapped together.”