Poetry Prize Winner Kieran Resch

Elizabeth Jorgensen, AHS English teacher, encourages students to step out of their comfort zone by sharing what they wrote in class in her English courses. She gives them the opportunity to share their work all around the world by submitting to online websites, and contests. 


“I want everything we do in class to have an authentic purpose,” Jorgensen says. “I want to introduce my students to the world of professional writers, which includes submitting pieces to writers’ markets.”


Jorgensen has many connections, and knows of many competitions for poetry and writing. 


Being a published or award-winning author gives students recognition and opens many doors for kids, Jorgensen says.


This year, Jorgensen encouraged her students to submit to a RoundPier poetry contest.


“This is actually the first time I’ve encouraged students to submit to this contest,” she says.


Senior Kieran Resch was one of the creative writing students who submitted a poem.


He was one of 18 finalists in the Roundpier poetry competition. Each finalist participated in a live Zoom on Sunday, November 20.


Zita Doktor, one of the judges in the competition said, “Please let your student know that he should be SUPER proud he made it to the final. With over 300 (+++…we stopped tracking) poems submitted, he is one of the few who gets to join the finals…Bottom line…He is already a winner and can add this to his resume, applications, and just personal growth.”


The poem Resch submitted was written in Jorgesen’s creative writing class. 


“Identity” by Resch portrays a message of what identity is. 


At the Zoom, Resch learned he was selected as the second place winner, earning fifty dollars, 


Judges on the Zoom call said, “The poem was beautifully written, the structure is the best we’ve seen.” 


Senior Lola Dieringer read Resch’s poem and said, “I really enjoyed the use of imagery.” 


Resch said he opened up to judges and said “writing helps me get emotion out.” 


He says “This was a really different experience from anything I’ve done before which was strange, but I’m glad I did it anyway.” 


Comments from the judges included that this was an important story with an important message. In his presentation, he was also commended for his confidence and vulnerability.


This is a huge accomplishment, good job to Kieran.