Possible Block Scheduling Implementation at Arrowhead Delayed

Anya Behringer, Reporter

The Arrowhead school board met on Wednesday, November 16th, and discussed the implementation of block scheduling at Arrowhead. No public comments were taken at this meeting.


School administration asked implementation be delayed until the 2024-2025 school year.


Additionally, survey results were presented, including results from student, staff and parent input.


According to the presentation with survey results, “Most students prefer the 40-minute everyday format, both currently and versus the proposed 100% block schedule.”


The board will vote on the matter on December 14th. 


Arrowhead sophomore Nettie McClutchy says, “I will be a senior when the block is put in place and I think it will be a big change that all students will have to learn to adjust to whether it’s for the better or the worse.” 


A recording of the meeting can be found here, and a recording of the meeting on December 14th will also be available on the same YouTube page.


More information on the school board and future decisions can be found here.