Arrowhead’s Upcoming Musical Artist: Rich The Wicked


Anthony Mewborn is a senior at Arrowhead High School. He was born and raised in Central Florida and moved to Wisconsin as a sixth-grade student. He comes from a family with both parents and four siblings. As a high school student, Mewborn found his voice and passion for making music. He has developed into a young rising star going by the stage name Rich The Wicked.


Mewborn says he looks up to artists like NBA Youngboy who he credits for making him start singing. 


Mewborn said, “I listened to him for the first time in seventh grade, and started listening to him every day. Youngboy is my favorite.” 


Rich The Wicked wants to be different. He listens to music from Florida, Michigan, Atlanta, Louisiana, and Milwaukee so he can see how rap styles differ through states. Listening to a little of everything gives him the most artistic ability. 


He writes all of his own original lyrics and finds free beats on YouTube to make a song. Some of these include “I’m a flow master,” and “I’m a new me,” coming from the song Rio & Mike flow. 


Mewborn explained the process and said, “I use the app Band Lab to load up my beat, and if I have my lyrics written already it only takes about 20 minutes to record. If I wanted to do the whole process of finding a beat and writing music I could do it in an hour.” 


Rich The Wicked looks, and sounds different. He said, “I try to have a good sense of style. I keep that clean street look, and focus on the accessories to really make my fits pop.” He truly has the rapper look. 


Currently, he has three songs out: Rio & Mike flow, Double Cup, and It’s All Smoke. 

He has plans to release three more songs this year. One is planned to drop on his birthday, December 8th. These songs are on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Tik Tok (rich.the.wicked), Snapchat (anthony_23am), and Instagram (rich_the_wicked).


Mewborn says he has lots of plans for his music career and future. 


He says, “I want to put music out there and be consistent with one song a month. Most songs are set aside for my album planned for release in 2023.” 


“Anthony has a flow like nobody else at arrowhead, we needed someone different like him making music,” said senior Emma Domacinovich. 


Rich The Wicked has a song coming out later this month with another Arrowhead rapper, K west. For future plans, Mewborn wants to have two to three people feature on his songs for the album. 


He said, “So I take music very seriously and if rapping is the career set for me, in the future I’ll be taking care of my mom and dad, and I will remember my friends who helped me get big. Even if people hate me, I like when people talk about me and get my name out there.” 


Senior Lola Dieringer said, “You can tell that Anthony’s very passionate about his rap career.”


Rich The Wicked has support from his family and the Arrowhead community. Mewborn’s best friend, senior Jack Ziemann is a clothing designer, making them a different dynamic duo. His mom, dad, sisters, and brother support him, along with all of his friends. 


“He’s a legend in the making,” says senior Marlee Whalig.