Senior Jack Ziemann’s Clothing Brand ‘North Avenue’

Arrowhead senior Jack Ziemann has recently launched his clothing brand North Avenue. 


He made his website public September 9th, 2022. His inspiration behind North Avenue stemmed from comments about his distinct style. He says he wanted to be able to create something that can make other people more confident in what they wear. 


“Having a brand has let me be creative and see an outcome. Seeing people in my own stuff is the best feeling ever,” he said. 


North Avenue got its name because of the street Ziemann grew up on. He says that he always wanted where he grew up to become something more than just a street name.


“I wanted to create something within North Avenue.”


North Avenue contains unisex clothing, including sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, backpacks, and jewelry. Most of his products contain the brand name front and center. Ziemann says he gets his ideas from everyday events or objects that will turn into designs in his head, occasionally his friends will give him an idea. 


His most popular items are the “North Avenue Loves You Hoodie,” selling for $40 USD, and the “Inspi(red) T-Shirt,” selling for $30 USD.


He thanks Jana Danay, his Yearbook teacher, for giving him resources and teaching him how to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. 


“I’ve always allowed Jack to be himself which has really improved our relationship, that has gotten him to be really creative with what he does. He creates things that we’ve never seen before,” says Danay. 


“She is always nice and knows me at a personal level,” Ziemann says. 


Many students at Arrowhead have bought his clothing and posted about it on social media. The support motivates him to create more. Some students also show their friends and family the website. 


“The clothes are very comfortable,” said senior Sydney Ginsch. 


“I’ve gotten made fun of for having my own style and now having people support my brand is the best change ever,” Ziemann says.


In the future, Ziemann plans to continue his brand, but on a larger scale. His goals are to own his own store, collaborate with bigger brands, and see his famous role models wearing it. Rather than using a company to print the designs for him, as he currently does, he plans to make the clothes himself. 


His clothing is available at