Arrowhead Boys Basketball Tryouts

On November 14th, 15th, and 16th, 2022, Arrowhead High School is hosting the winter basketball tryouts for the boys at Arrowhead after school. 


There are currently 45 kids trying out for the season. The will be 4 teams. The Varsity team, JV, and Freshman and Freshman 2. The boys trying out for arrowhead will be split among this team. According to Coach Haase, there will be cuts this year. So not everybody will have a spot on one of the teams. 


The Varsity team last year consisted of 12 people and just 1 senior so there are not a lot of spots to fill. Last year the Varsity placed, second at the Classic 8 conference and have a lot of expectations this year. 


Sam Leoni. “There are nine returning Varsity players and 6 new ones. All the new ones are Juniors. There are 15 on the team which is a lot. There are 12ish on both of the jv teams but Im not sure. We definitely have a solid team this year and so many of us already know how to play well together.”  Haase is the main coach, coach Hoke is an assistant coach along with Conway and JimBO as referred to as the players. 


According to Leoni. There are only Juniors and seniors on the team. Before games there are team dinner to help bonding. Everybody shows up to these team dinners as it is important to these players. 


Waukesha South was the hardest competition last year and this year there is one more competitor that the team has their eyes on. Catholic Memorial. Last year they finished in the middle of the conference. 


“All the returning kids are their best and now they have three new ones that will pose a threat to the varsity team,” says Sam Leoni. 


Conner Lestina says, “There are no spots for Juniors or seniors on the JV or Freshman teams so any of the kids aren’t good enough don’t get any spots.”