National Sesame Street Day: What Students Remember & Appreciate

National Sesame Street Day is recognized every November 10th. Sesame Street is a children’s show that came out on November 10, 1969. 


This year marks it as the 53rd anniversary of its airing. New York is where it originated but the show has been watched by students at Arrowhead, many of whom say they remember it fondly.


Sesame Street also was an educational show without animation. 


Arrowhead senior, Kasia Lecaire said, “It was a good way to provide kids with a basis for learning before they were introduced to school or unable to attend school.” 


It showed students like Arrowhead senior Nikki Seaton that while educational it could still leave an impact on her. 


 She said, “It made me creative in ways of seeing different things in the world, especially arts and crafts.” 


When sharing some of her favorites, Seaton said, “My favorite song was always the Elmo song.”


Sesame Street was not only a show but it also branched out into merchandise distributed at stores when students were younger such as Toys-R-Us, Walmart, and Target. 


Ava Ramos, an Arrowhead senior, has a fond memory of a Sesame Street toy she bought. She said, “I had an Elmo toy shaped as a phone that let me fake dial real numbers. It was one of the first few things to help me start basic math and comprehend numbers.” 


Whether it be toys, or educational aspects, Sesame Street left a long lasting impact on children across the globe.