Student’s thoughts on November 7th’s National Hug-a-Bear Day

Monday, November 7th was National hug-a-bear day in honor of teddy bears and stuffed animals. This day also spreads bear safety awareness for bears living the wild. 


According to the Wisconsin DNR, we have 24,000 Black bears in this state. Majority of the bears are located in northern Wisconsin and fewer are located southeast. 


Almost all bears die because of human-related causes. According to the North American Bear Center, almost all male bears are shot by age two and female bears at age three in Minnesota. If bears are not killed by anything but health causes they can live up to 29- 31 ½ years. 


Nolan Chuckel, an Arrowhead freshman, was not aware that November 7th was National Hug-A-Bear Day, but he does have a stuffed animal, he says it is “big and a dog and brown.”


Haley Gray, an Arrowhead sophomore says, “I have a small brown moose that has antlers.” 


Owen Anderson, an Arrowhead sophomore, says “I have a really big yellow minion with a minion vest.” Anderson also states that the minion is “above average” in size.