World Kindness Day, what people are doing at Arrowhead High School

World Kindness day is an international day that was formed 1998, to promote kindness around the world and is officially on November 13th.


According to Stay Kind, “The purpose of world kindness day is to highlight good deeds in the community, focusing on positive power and the common thread of kindness.” 


The objective of world kindness day is to spread kindness with small gestures. 


According to National Today, “The main tradition of the day  is to be kind and to try and encourage kindness to prevail over hatred” whether it’s helping out someone with chores, taking the time out to ask how someone is doing, or complimenting someone, the name of the game is kindness, and we all have it in us. Some tips to spread kindness are to give compliments, smile at strangers, hold a door open or give up a seat on a train or in a class.


Emotional warmth releases the hormone oxytocin, which dilates the blood vessels and therefore lowers blood pressure.


 Arrowhead High School’s Girl Up club, for World Kindness day, put up posters in the hallway showing positive sayings to others saying “Caring for yourself isn’t selfish” or “Be Kind to yourself and others”.  


Nolan Klingele, a Arrowhead High school freshman says, “The posters in the hallway are very colorful and creative…I like that it shows other people cool messages and makes me happy seeing something like that.” 


Nolan says to show kindness “when walking out of school at the end of the day to walk to North [campus] with my friends, I will hold open the door for the person behind me.”