Arrowhead’s Students Thoughts on the Boys State Volleyball Game

November 3rd through the 5th, 2022, marked the WIAA Boys and Girls Volleyball State Tournament. Arrowhead’s boys Varsity team qualified after winning their Sectional Final against Germantown. 


On Thursday, November 3rd, many Arrowhead students missed school in order to attend the volleyball game, and cheer on the boys team. 


The game took place at the Resch Center in Green Bay at 10:00am. In order to attend and be excused from school, students’ parents had to look over and fill out a form for their child(ren).


“Arrowhead definitely had a lot more people on our side compared to the other teams,” said senior Reagan Russ.


According to students, Arrowhead’s student section was much more filled compared to Union Grove’s student section. Arrowhead students were yelling chants and hyping up the team throughout the game. 


Trinity Dahl, a senior, said, “The louder the student section was, the better they did because they had more energy as a team and were more excited.”


The boys came out on top after the first set ended 25-18. The second, Union Grove came back with 25-20 against Arrowhead. Arrowhead ended the game with the third and fourth sets ending in 25-20 and 25-16. These victories led to Arrowhead moving onto the Semifinals. 


Dahl said, “The energy of the boys and all of the other students cheering was the best part. It was super energetic and everyone was hyped up.”


Video and photos of the student section filled with hundreds of kids yelling their chants and cheering on Arrowhead were posted on social media. 


“Coming from a volleyball player, I know that energy keeps you motivated and makes you excited to play. With how many people were there, it definitely helped with the energy,” said senior Mady Scholzen, right side and middle hitter on Arrowhead’s girls Varsity team.


The boys continued, beating Appleton North on Friday after five sets in the Semifinals. Then ended their season as State Runner-ups after losing to Catholic Memorial in three sets on Saturday during the State Championship.