Student and Teacher Thoughts on World Freedom Day

World Freedom Day is a holiday that is celebrated on November 9th. It is used to celebrate the demolishing of the Berlin Wall in 1989. According to National Today, it separated families and communities for almost three decades. 


World Freedom Day is celebrated by people all over the world and although it started as just the celebration of the wall falling, people today are empowered by this and stand up for their rights and freedom that they deserve. 


Sydney Ray, a senior, said, “I feel like freedom of speech because we can say whatever we want unlike other countries.”


Freedom of Speech is the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. It allows for people to express their thoughts without a fear of the government being involved with what they are saying.


The United States is considered a very free country with many rights. According to Worldpopulationreview, the United States ranks at 15th freest country in the world with 8.73 points out of ten. Some examples of these freedoms and rights are the freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition. These freedoms have been in the United States since 1791 along with many more.


Freedom of Religion is the right to practice whatever religion one chooses. Being able to print newspapers and magazines without being controlled by the government is freedom of press. Gathering with others either privately or in public is the freedom of assembly. Freedom of Petition is having the right to appeal to the government in favor, or against policies that affect them or that they feel strongly about.


“The most freedom would probably be freedom of speech. I feel like that is really important because it doesn’t put us all in a bubble being scared to say what we really think or being scared to really think outside of the bubble and just do our own thing,” Lucy Lott, a junior, said.


According to National Today, the Berlin Wall was chipped away little by little and was eventually taken down fully November 9th, the day we celebrate. Initially, the Berlin Wall was put up to prevent immigration but over 5,000 people made it over the wall. 


Sophie Nowak, a junior, said, “I think this day is pretty cool because it makes us realize what we have and what we should be thankful for.”


Holiday Insights suggests that to celebrate, people can take a few moments to reflect upon and appreciate the freedoms that you have, celebrate personal freedom, support efforts to free others, and read about the Iron Curtain and the American Revolution.


“They could use it as a chance to be an activist and speak out for people who don’t have the rights that we do,” Nowak said. 


Students and organizations such as Young America’s Foundation participate in campaigns and rallies to celebrate their freedom and the victory over communism according to National Today. It was also stated that many people are unaware of their freedom and rights within the legal system, so it is important to be informed about it.


To celebrate, Bryson Knasser, a senior, said people should explore what the holiday really is and the benefits of it.


Jeck Desler, a senior, said that people could have a barbeque, and Ray said that people should register to vote and educate themselves on their rights and also on the day.


Lott also said, “I think this day is pretty important because we did, after all, fight for it. I think it’s pretty important that we have our freedom to represent that each of us can be who we really want to be and not have to be worried about oppression or anything that could affect what we think or how we feel about things.”


World Freedom Day is specific to the United States but other countries have their own holidays to celebrate this day but also their freedoms. According to Lingoda, Germany has a day to celebrate the Berlin Wall coming down also. It takes place October 3rd because it was the day when the two countries were made one. Germany had to rule out November 9th because it was the night when Nazis organized a violent outbreak against Germany’s Jews. They use this day to celebrate the freedom they have now but also the fact that the Berlin Wall did come down.


“The majority of us do stand and recognize the flag and we have different things to represent. At Arrowhead we have the flags hanging in the classrooms and hanging everywhere so I feel like overall it’s not just a specific day it’s more representative all over and it’s not just one thing,” Lott said.