Arrowhead Students Share Thoughts on National Donut Day


Eiley Brahm and Elyse Jungbluth

DONUTS! National donut day was November 5th. There are many different types: Cake Donuts, Donut Holes, Long John Donut, and Crullers. Since there are so many options on possible favorite donuts, two juniors, Braden Schilling and Emma Beneker, along with Sophomore, Nettie McClutchy, had the following to say.


“Vanilla long johns with jimmies because vanilla is the best flavor and long johns don’t have holes in the middle,” said Beneker.


Schilling said, “My favorite kind of donut is a chocolate long john, I chose it because I love chocolate donuts and I like those better than the circle ones.”  


In addition to there being many types of donuts, there are also an abundance of locations to purchase these breakfast treats. Places such as Dunkin, Kwik Trip, Dotties, Pink Mocha, Sendiks, Birch and Banyan, and many more. All of these places are located less than a fifteen minute drive from Arrowhead High School. The close relation of these locations to the school could be beneficial to students because there is no constant sale of donuts on campus.


In the past, last year for example, the social studies classroom teachers were selling donuts for five dollars a donut to help raise money for the community, but it is unclear if this will continue again this year.

Each of these locations has something special to offer, for example, Dunkin Donuts has a rewards program going on where customers can join as a member and for every ten dollars they spend they earn one point. With said points customers can purchase, “One espresso shot added to a drink, 3-count MUNCHKINS® Donut Hole Treats or 6-count hash browns,” for 150 points, “One classic donut,” for 250 points, and many more options depending on the amount of points. All of these special offers can be found in more detail on the Dunkin Donuts website.


Since there are so many choices when deciding where to go, Schilling said, “The best place to get them is dunkin.” 


And McClutchy said, “We usually go to the Kwik Trip to get the glazed box of donuts.”