Students Share Thoughts on AHS Shrek Production

Arrowhead Drama, led by Maralynn Marakano, produces two shows each year that are independent from the choir department’s Broadway Company’s productions.


Detailed information can be found on Arrowhead Drama’s website. According to the website, Arrowhead Drama includes the actors in the Drama Department shows, and the stage crew, who work on all of the Drama Department and Broadway Company shows.


The ticket prices ranged from $16-20 depending on seating. The center was more expensive, with the left and right sides being less. Opening night was October 19th and the production was shown through the 29th with the help of stage crew members, actors, and staff. 


This year Shrek, the Musical was produced. The four main characters include Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and Lord Farquaad, and were played by Junior Brady Schiro, Senior Nora Perugini, Junior Jr Araque, and Senior Asher Harder (in that order).


“The choice of casting was fantastic. Everyone played their roles so well,” said Arrowhead Senior Olivia Schmidt. “Lord Farquaad was definitely my favorite. I think Asher Harder played him and he did really well. He was super expressive and it was really funny to see.”


The stage was set multiple times from the 19th of October through the 29th with the help of stage crew members, actors, and staff. 


“I really liked it. It was very comical. All the actors did a great job playing their roles,” said Senior Molly Jackson. “They chose the perfect person for each role in my opinion. Lord Farquaad was my favorite.”


The production consisted of musical acts and scenes from the movie with small twists. 


Many students expressed their love for Lord Farquaad.


“I think Asher definitely played his role the best. He was funny and did not hold back one bit. I laughed out loud,” said Arrowhead Junior, Jordyn Hefter. 


All the actors in the musical wore costumes that fit their character and role. Most of the costumes were designed by an individual designer that was hired. 


“The costumes were a lot like the ones in the movie. Some of them had a twist to make them similar if they couldn’t get them exact. They looked really good to me,” Schmidt said.


According to the Broadway Company Director and AHS choir teacher Gustavo Chaviano, each student spent long hours rehearsing to learn their music, lines, choreography, and characters. He also expressed that the company trope requires students to create strong friendship bonds, work ethic, and professionalism. 


“I think that the characters were picked well. I liked the duo between Shrek and Donkey. Brady and Jr are best friends off set, so I think that helped the acting go along a lot smoother and more believable,” Hefter said.