Arrowhead High Schools react to the intruder drill and survey


Every year Arrowhead High School has an intruder drill.  Arrowhead plans this intruder drill to keep students safe. All Arrowhead High school students were required to watch a video in an extended third hour about what would happen or where students and staff would go if this situation ever were to occur.

Stacy Arnett, an Arrowhead High School Special Ed Teacher says, “I think it’s great to prepare with this drill but also it puts fear in kids at the same time.”


Arnett says, “What she learned out of the drill was you need to rely heavily on people around you when in that situation.” 


This drill also taught Arrowhead High School students about the “Speak Up Speak Out” tool to help others who need to talk or report a tip. This tool is on everyone’s apps page before canvas  that is located in the Arrowhead High School website.


Start with going to the Arrowhead High School app’s page that can be found on the Arrowhead website in the top right corner. Second, students scroll all the way down and click on the app called “Speak Up Speak Out”. Third, once students are on the page then go to the top right corner and click the “Submit a tip” button. After students tap the “Submit a tip” button then fill out all the information that applies. Link is here to watch the Speak Up Speak Out safety video.


Elyse Jungbluth, an Arrowhead High School Sophomore says,  “I agree with the safety drill but I believe they should make us more prepared.” 


Jungbluth says, “I think the Speak Up Speak Out survey it’s a good idea also and helps to not feel so pressured when speaking out about a situation.”