Arrowhead Staff Members Share Plans for the Upcoming Holiday

With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday approaching on Thursday, November 24, Arrowhead staff members Jillian Melton, the North Greeter, and Alicia Obermann, a Geometry teacher, share their plans for the holiday season.


As Arrowhead School has an extended break, there is no school starting on Wednesday, November 23, till Sunday, November 27. This is to give students and staff time to enjoy Thanksgiving. 


Melton said, “I will not be traveling during Thanksgiving break.” 


And in opposition Obermann said, “Yes, we will be traveling up to Appleton and then locally throughout the weekend.”


Although both staff members have different travel plans, they both have plans to spend the holiday with some of the same people, their respective extended families.


“We will be just spending time with family because my extended family will be there,” said Melton.


Obermann said, “Yes, we celebrate with both my extended family in the Fox Valley and my husband’s family in Waukesha.” 


As holidays hold the potential to be stressful, each staff member replied similarly.


Melton said, “I do enjoy Thanksgiving because it’s a great time to reflect on everything we’re thankful for.”


And Obermann said, “I do, but to be honest, the food is not my favorite. We do a non-traditional Thanksgiving for one of our meals and it changes every year.


As many individuals have differing plans and food preferences there are countless types of Thanksgiving foods that make it to the dinner table. And According to Cision PR Newswire, 36% of Americans say pumpkin pie is their favorite Thanksgiving pie. This makes pumpkin pie the most popular choice. 


Melton says,“Pumpkin pie with whipped cream” is her favorite Thanksgiving food. 


Obermann said, “I am all in it for the sweet potatoes. If I had to pick a dessert, I’m going with apple pie.”