Students Participate in Different Football Dress Up Themes

It’s playoff time for the football team which means the season is coming to an end. The last home game is 11/4 versus Sussex Hamilton. If Arrowhead wins they play one more game which is T.B.D. to then decide if they go to state. 


For each football game, the “gators” (who are selected students from Arrowhead’s senior class) assigned its own clothing theme for the students. 


There have been many themes throughout the season including PJ’s and pink out to support breast cancer awareness. November fourth’s theme was changed from hunting gear to USA because of the loss of Luke Patterson’s father. The theme will be a memorial for him and support his time spent in the military.


Various football players stated that Patterson’s father had a huge influence on the football team by pumping them up with speeches and being very involved in the boys game. 


Themes for past and present games have been, USA, Hawaiian, and Red out. 


The Gators posted on their instagram (@ahsgators2023) asking everyone to come to the game to support Patterson and his devotion to the game. 


Senior Jacie O’shea said, “The themes have been kind of upsetting because I wanted to go all out for my last year of football games but most of the themes have been colors.” Previous themes included a red out, white out, and pink out.


Senior Pearl Peckham said, “I feel like we need to get some new ideas because we have been doing the same themes each year.”


Senior Julia Larson said, “They are fine, but they feel repetitive and I feel we need to spice things up a little more.”