How did students spend their spooky Haloweekends?

James Norcross, Reporter

Although Halloween was on October 31st, many celebrate Halloween during the prior weekend due to town trick-or-treat dates and the convenience of throwing parties without having to wake up early the next morning.  Arrowhead students had an extended “Haloweekend” this year because of having off both the Thursday and Friday before the weekend.


For some, the scariest event was going to work.


Senior Elliot Astle says that during the weekend he “dressed up as a Pick and Save worker” to go to his place of work, Pick and Save.


“If you ever need to know where the bacon is, I know,” says Astle.


Senior Ava Ramos says that she “was sick” along with her “little siblings” so she “didn’t dress up” during the break.  However, she plans to “hang out with friends” and dress up as “Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite” on Halloween.


“We’re going to recreate the dancing scene,” says Ramos.


Senior Lola Derringer was a “vampire bride” with boyfriend Alex Wood this year and has a variety of thoughts on the costumes she saw this year.


Derringer says that the “most creative costume was Anthony Newborn being a Kia boy” who “steals Kia” cars.  


However, she says that she “never wants to see Playboy Bunny” costumes again.


“I thought Kiss, Marry, Kill costumes were creative until I saw everyone doing it,” says Derringer.