Students React to Arrowhead’s Proposed Change to Block Scheduling


Discussion began with Arrowhead students in Principal’s Cabinet during the 2021-2022 school year regarding a change from Arrowhead’s current scheduling, to an A/B Day block schedule. This change would result in all classes meeting every other day, for 80 minutes, as opposed to the current schedule blend of some daily 40 minute classes, some every other day 80 minute classes, and some 60 minute (AP) classes. 


This change would also cause both campuses to be on the same bell schedule, instead of South Campus having a start and end time of 10 minutes earlier than North Campus.


A look at and comparison between the current schedule and proposed schedule can be viewed here.


Currently, Arrowhead is taking input from parents, faculty, and students regarding this change. Students received a survey in their school email on Friday, October 27 to give their thoughts.


Arrowhead senior, Elizabeth Ganos, says, “Block scheduling for next year could be absolutely detrimental. Some students have learning disabilities or even special needs that can affect how long they can focus on one class/subject. Having 80 minute classes will be pointless for those students who already have a hard time staying focused in a 40 minute period.”


On the Schedule Exploration section of Arrowhead’s website, it says that, “Higher than average conflict rates in student course selection — whereas students are not able to take the courses that initially match their academic and career plans and goals,” is a reason for the exploration.


Arrowhead junior Alex Hajdukiewicz, says, “Honestly the current schedule offers so many opportunities for me to explore what I like and potentially opens up career paths for me. Having a block schedule will prohibit me and my curiosity.”


According to a graphic posted by Arrowhead Schools on Facebook, a reason for the “schedule exploration,” is “Decreasing student stress/anxiety with the fewer classes per day and alternating day schedule.”


Arrowhead sophomore, Joelle Winn says, “I get stressed when I have homework from all 8 of my classes because then my work is all over the place. I’m not sure if the homework will be any more, but at least it gives you another day to finish it. On the other hand, it could enable even more procrastination because of the extra day.”


Arrowhead junior, Eiley Brahm, says, “I feel like my stress level right now is manageable if I stay on top of things and get assignments done. With the chance for block scheduling to change, my stress would greatly increase because I feel like I will get lost based on what day I have a class, and when things are due.”


Other concerns with the block scheduling have been shared by Arrowhead students.


Arrowhead sophomore, Elyse Jungbluth, says, “I have friends who drive me home everyday and it takes around 10-15 minutes to leave the school as it is with the staggered schedule so I can’t imagine how bad the traffic will be when they’re on the same schedule.”


Arrowhead senior, Madison Fintel, says, “I think there are pros and cons to the new proposed schedule, but my mind immediately goes to the teachers. I feel they will get sick of students in their classes for such long periods of time simply because kids are antsy.”


The block scheduling proposal would need to be discussed and approved by the school board.


More information from Arrowhead on scheduling can be found here.