Who takes the win? Junior or senior study hall

Junior study hall takes place in a room connected to the library. The layout is 13 rows of desks with a teacher’s desk in the back. There are assigned seats in a seating chart for the 140 individual desks. There is a testing center in the back where students can make up missed tests. Some teachers offer test corrections here. Students can sit in the library if they give their ID to the study hall teacher. In the Junior study hall, kids have to sign out to leave the room.


Senior study hall is different and held in the North Campus cafeteria. Kids sign in to prove attendance at the beginning of the period, and are left to work solo. Additionally students can get up and go to the bathroom, no permission needed. Seniors are in charge of checking in, and students can sit wherever they would like. 


The junior study hall is more quiet. 


Senior Liv Kutzner said, “Senior study hall is more open, so I like it better.”


Senior Lola Dieringer says, “I like the senior study hall more I guess…I’m not a big fan of study hall in general because it’s boring, but I like how in senior study hall we have more freedom to move around and talk.” 


In the senior study hall, there’s less guidance. With it being held in the cafeteria, it’s a given that it’ll be a loud environment with frequent distractions.  


“I like the senior study hall better for the fact that we have more freedom, but in the junior study hall I definitely appreciated the structure,” senior Reese Stapleton says.


Naomi Little, a junior, says, “I’ve observed that the junior study hall is actually just like senior study hall because we can talk as much as we want. I like being in the designated junior study hall room, I have just as much freedom.” 


Senior Anthony Mewborn said, “Junior study hall is better just because I need a chair with a backing. Sitting on the stiff wooden boards of the cafeteria gets old,” 


These options stand out because at South Campus freshman and sophomore students are put into one big room that’s split down the middle by alphabetical order. There isn’t much variation here. 


The competition is very close. Opinion on junior vs senior study hall just depends on the type of student working. Arrowhead’s kids enjoy both varieties.