Meet Senior Lily Wakefield

Lily Wakefield is a senior at Arrowhead. 


At Arrowhead she is Student Senate secretary, National Honors Society chairman of public relations, and DECA Vice president of special events. Outside of Arrowhead, she dances competitively at Accent on Dance nine+ hours a week, and works at Twigs, a boutique, in the Corners of Brookfield. 


She has been in Student Senate and DECA for all four years of high school, and joined National Honors Society her junior year. 


Wakefield said her obligations often conflict with each other and to work around this, she talks to her advisors to schedule meeting times that don’t conflict if possible. 


Senior Erika Graf, who is also involved in DECA, says, “Lily is very hardworking. Even in pressuring situations she always keeps her cool.” 


Wakefield says fall is a very stressful time for her due to Homecoming and Hawkfest. 


“It can get hectic,” Wakefield says. 


She says that she handles time management by keeping a planner and setting reminders on her phone. 


Her favorite part of being involved is getting to see things unfold, like Homecoming and Prom, after putting in a lot of work. 


Wakefield describes herself as “tenacious, confident, and optimistic.”


She says, “I am looking forward to planning the theme for prom, and picking out decor especially because it is my senior year.”