Arrowhead Students and Staff Make Halloween Plans


The national holiday of Halloween allows students to dress up, trick or treat, and hang out with friends. This year the 31st, Halloween, falls on a Monday. 


Lauren Torres, a Junior, is planning on celebrating. She said, “I still plan on celebrating on the actual day.” 


There are activities students and staff can participate in that relate to Halloween, including parties. 


Junior, Austin Crowley says, “I will most likely attend a party.”


Along with parties, other things students have reported they do around Halloween is watching scary movies, or Halloween movies in general, as well as trick or treating. 


Some Halloween movies include Hocus Pocus, The Conjuring, Scream, The Addams Family, and BeetleJuice. These movies can be watched on streaming services like Disney + and Netflix and are available for rent on Prime Video.


Torres says,  “No, I am not really into those kinds of movies.”


Crowley said, “Yes, you have to watch all the movies and play fortnite.” 


Trick or treating is a nightly activity that allows people to go around towns to doors and receive candy from people in homes that chose to participate. This year trick or treating in the Village of Hartland area will take place Monday October 31st from 6-8pm in the residential areas. 


“I plan on going with friends,” Torres said. 


Whereas Crowley said, “Anyone over 15 is too old for trick or treating,” 


Along with trick or treating another time honored Halloween tradition is dressing up in costumes. 


An Arrowhead teacher, Tamara Lindmair said that her and husband still actively participate in this tradition. 


My husband and I are dressing up as Goose & Maverick from Top Gun,” Lindmair said.