Wisconsin Education Fair Visits Arrowhead

Alex Hajdukiewicz, Reporter

On Tuesday, October 18th the Wisconsin Education Fair came to Arrowhead High School to educate the students about different colleges and options for after high school. 


Over one hundred fifty colleges, universities, military branches and specialty schools are a part of this Fair and most of them came to the Fair. This Fair was made to give an option to talk to school representatives to hopefully narrow down the after school options. It was first founded in 1978 and has been traveling around wisconsin since then. This Fair offers High School guidance programs, recruitment personnel, and post high school options. 


Many kids attended this fair to learn about colleges such as Lindsey Schmidt says, “We did talk about financial aid. They talked a FAFSA but didn’t go too in depth. I had a whole grocery sized bag with pamphlets and booklets. There were probable sixty school stands set up. There were a ton of kids and it got really hot. There were even some sophmores there. ” 


The fair encourages all high school students to go to this fair. Even if they are young kids, taccording to Megan Liptoe, Executive Director of WEF, “being informed as soon as possible is extremely important, and we wish to direct the kids in any direction they choose to go.” 


This event is strictly educational and as listed on the WEF website, all physical incentives are prohibited. This prevents the schools from trying to win the students over with trinkets and focuses facts and transparency for the students. This helps the students make important life decisions that are their own and not influenced by physical gifts. 


The Fair is planning to visit 23 different High Schools to try and reach as many kids as possible. The goal is to reach these students by the end of May. Any information needed is available at their website.