Students Review Homecoming Dress Up Days

In the week of homecoming activities there were dress up opportunities for students to participate in. Gym teacher Emily Martin noticed a lot of people participated in the easier themes like PJ day or class color. For themes like “Red carpet ready” or “Zoom day”, she saw fewer people participating. 


Martin asked each student what theme they liked the most and she estimated that 85% of students said PJ day.


Senior Reagan Jimenez, said she really went all out for the themes for that week. “Might as well go all out senior year!” 


The themes of the week included:

Monday – Pajama Day  

Tuesday – Class Colors 

Wednesday – Zoom Day 

Thursday – Red carpet Ready 

Friday – Red out 


Senior Maddie Fintel said, “I really enjoyed the red carpet ready theme because it helped her get a taste for the dance on Saturday.” 


Fintel said, “That it was nice to just roll out of bed for Monday’s theme.” 


Sophomore Elyse Jungbluth said she also really loved Pajama day because, “it’s just a traditional spirit week theme and I got to be cozy.” 


Senior Marlee Wahlig said, “Zoom day was my favorite because it was so different then anything else we have ever done.” 


Along with Wahlig, senior Lola Dieringer said she also liked Zoom day and thought it was fun. Dieringer said, “I also really liked Red Carpet day because I love dressing up.”


Eiley Brahm thought a little differently than most people on what their favorite days were because she loved the class colors theme. “I love seeing who’s in what grade and seeing all the colors.” 


Junior Sara Pfeiffer and Noelle Urban said they did not want to participate in the red carpet theme.


Pfeiffer says, “The themes this year were honestly not that good; most people don’t have stuff for the Red carpet theme.”


Urban agrees and says, “I participated in all themes except for the red carpet cause that one was hard to do, I hope for better themes next year.”