Happily Saying Hello to Halloween

All holidays are special for Arrowhead High School, but especially Halloween because students and staff participate in dressing up in a costume. This year Halloween 2022 falls on a Monday, so students will be able to celebrate in costume at school the day of the actual holiday. 


Senior Corinna Langenohl says “me and my two friends are going as Alvin and the Chipmunks, I’m excited.” 


Many students attending Arrowhead are participating in group costumes with their friends, or doing a matching costume with a friend or significant other. 


Langenohl also said, “Matching costumes are cute if a bunch of people are doing it.” 


Some students like to dress up as their favorite celebrity. Senior Hannah Birkel is participating. She said, “I would love to go as the Rock. The outfit I have planned is the best boyfriend jeans and the Rock’s signature black turtleneck.”


Senior Liv Kutzner said, “I’m going to be hosting my friends for a Halloween party and dressing up as a fairy.” 


Other kids attending Arrowhead like to be more creative like senior Lola Dieringer who said, “I’m making my own costume. I’m going to be a vampire bride, I got teeth and a cool corset I’m going to wrap in lace. I’m going to display this outfit at a party.”


Popular costume ideas this year for Arrowhead girls are bunnies, and angels. Junior Lucy Lott said, “I’m dressing as an angel and visiting Marquette University where my sister goes for a little party.”


Every year the Halloween Costume Committee goes around seeing who deserves the title of best costume. This year you can do a group costume, or “if you’d rather not share your prize/bragging rights, then go for a solid individual costume,” as Kathy Keopke, head of HCC  says. 


Keopke also says students have spent the last year planning these costumes, making it such an important day. The annual contest is the biggest and best every single year.


Costumes do in fact have to be school appropriate. Teachers encourage students to follow this guideline. Students and staff are feeling the anticipation for the spookiest day of the year over here at Arrowhead.