Inside View on AHS Mixed Media Art Teacher


Elyse Jungbluth and Eiley Brahm

Arrowhead High School has a variety of art classes for all different skill levels. The department is made up of classes like 3D Design which incorporates physical object creation, 2D which allows students to show their creativity by drawing, sketching, and painting their ideas. 


The teacher in charge of mixed media art classes, such as 3D design, is Brock Rumohr. Rumohr has been at Arrowhead since the start of 2019, but he has been an educator at the high school level for twenty-three years, and has also taught at university levels for eleven years all before coming to Arrowhead.


As Rumohr has been teaching art for over thirty-four years, he said that he got into teaching because, “I felt that teaching would be a great way to connect with others and share my passion for the creative realm.” 


Rumohr is currently one of the art teachers here at Arrowhead. He is in charge of teaching the classes, 3D design, Ceramics, and Sculpture. And as all the classes vary in content and structure, Rumohr said he could not pick a favorite class.


 Rumohr said, “I enjoy the materials and process of each class and the variety that is present in the different approaches.”


Although Rumohr does not have a favorite class to teach, he does have a  favorite medium.


“I am most interested in bronze sculpture and the possibilities of public bronze installations that significantly affect communities and organizations in positive ways,” Rumohr said. 


Rumohr also works in the art industry outside of AHS schooling programs, and enjoys working with materials he is comfortable with while also being aware of new options and uses of things in the art industry. 


“I have been a working professional artist for over twenty-five years and own my own business, Rumohr Design Studio LLC, which specializes in Bronze portraiture and memorial design,” Rumohr said. 


Rumohr hasn’t always been interested in just the bronze sculptures, but he has pointed out that the reason it was so easy for him to transfer into an art career was because, “I have always been very active in making objects and working creatively so it was a natural progression for me,” Rumohr said. 


Even though art takes up a lot of Rumohr’s time he said this in regards to what his life looks like outside of the classroom walls at Arrowhead, “I am a husband, father of three kids, a guitar player, and a business owner; so I am involved in quite a bit when not here at Arrowhead High School.”