National Dessert Day Lands On October 14th

October 14th, 2022 is labeled as National Dessert Day. Ways to celebrate the day can include indulging in or making desserts such as cakes, candy, pies, cookies, or cupcakes. Maybe if baking is out of limits, watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 


Arrowhead senior Molly Jackson said she had no idea that National Dessert Day existed but she’s excited to celebrate. “I had no idea that it existed, but I think it’s a good idea and I’m going to eat more dessert,” she said. 


Arrowhead senior, Kasia Lecaire is a frequent baker. She says, “My favorite thing to bake would have to be Raspberry or Blackberry pie.”


She learned the recipes from family. For National Dessert Day, a way to celebrate is spending time with your family or friends and baking. 


Even though she enjoys baking pies and pastries, Lecaire says her favorite dessert spot differs. “Sweet Dreams is a custard shop that I really enjoy. They have a wide variety of sundaes and toppings to add onto their custard.” 


Sweet Dreams is located off of the Highway 16 exit on Hartbrook Dr in Hartland. 


There’s no specials on the 14th, however, they have sundaes ranging from a Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae, a Turtle Sundae, and a S’moreo Sundae. The S’moreo Sundae comes in a large cup with chocolate custard, marshmallow fluff, and crushed oreos. 


Arrowhead junior, Vinson Sherman says, “For National Dessert Day I’ll probably head over to the Wholly Cow.” 


The Wholly Cow is located on Main Street in Delafield. It’s a seasonal restaurant that closes in September and opens in May.


For some students, convenience is a factor. Grocery stores house some of their favorite sweet treats. Thomas Meyer, an Arrowhead senior said, “The place where I get my ice cream from would have to be Pick n’ Save. It’s basic but I love plain vanilla.” 


Other students say that they probably won’t celebrate it such as Arrowhead sophomore William Wagner. He does however say that he loves dessert. “My favorite dessert would have to be Chocolate chip cookies. Especially when they’re fresh out of the oven.”


To get the word out about National Dessert Day when sharing delicious treats on social media use the hashtag #NationalDessertDay.