Meet Emma Domacinovich


Seventeen year old senior at Arrowhead, Emma Domacinovich, says she has danced her way through life. She has been dancing since she was two years old.


Domacinovich has been dancing competitively for 10 years. She has been committed to Studio One Dance Company since two and a half. As she leveled up, she got into dancing for the Milwaukee Bucks. She joined the Young Bucks team as a middle school student and stuck with it until she made it into the adult team as a junior. The adult team follows carefully choreographed routines during games and they are featured on TV. This season’s schedule entails many hours of studio dance and hours of practice. 


While Bucks is a high stakes job, Domacinovich still makes time for a weekend gig cashiering at Sentry Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 


“I’m at the studio Tuesday and Thursday nights until 10:30, and bucks Monday and Wednesday until 10,” she says.


Her fifth grade sister named Stella also dances. She says she’s from a busy family and is always going from point a to point b. 


She says “Basically I’m a part of the entertainment, my team performs during timeouts and halftime to help keep the crowd alive. We do promotions and such. I like to think of myself as a mini ambassador for the Bucks.”


This dancing job pays well at $25 an hour, and it has given Domacinovich recognition and many opportunities to keep succeeding during her Bucks career. For example, she got to work a booth at the Wisconsin state fair promoting her team. 


Since Domacinovich’s schedule is so rigorous, she says she appreciates the time she has to experience high school.


“I’m excited for the upcoming homecoming dance to spend some time with my best friend just doing regular high schooler stuff,” she says.