Five Arrowhead Students Published in October 2022 Issue of Teen Ink

On September 30, 2022, five Arrowhead students were published in the October issue of Teen Ink. The theme for this issue focused on “Chilling Tales of Halloween.”


Founded in 1989, Teen Ink is a website that is devoted to publishing students’ artwork, photos, essays, etc. 


The October issue featured current and graduate students including Olivia Wolbert, Francesca Smith, William Smith, Nathan Duty, and Jack Brauschweig.  


This issue featured students’ spooky fiction and film/book reviews. For students who “stopped believing in Ouija boards” as Teen Ink said they also published students fall and winter stories, and tips/experiences with applying to college.


Francesca Smith, an Arrowhead senior, wrote a film review for the movie “Old.” The contest through Teen Ink was assigned in class by Rebecca McCann, a Composition teacher.


Writing a film review, Francesca Smith said, was challenging. “The piece was a challenge to write because I wanted to be critical of the movie, but I had to figure out how to phrase it in a constructive way,” she said.


Unlike the film reviews that were selected to be in Teen Ink, Willam Smith submitted his artwork for Teen Ink. 


Wolbert, an Arrowhead senior, chose to write a film review about a different horror movie named “Hereditary.”


Wolbert’s piece said. “Hereditary follows the Graham family faces the death of their youngest child Charlie, at the accidental hands of her older brother.”


For those who like Horror movies this contest was gravitated towards them. There’s contests featured throughout the year with different themes each time.


The next Teen Ink contest has a deadline of November 1, 2022. It’s an essay contest and the theme is: Teens Making A Difference.


For other students who may submit to Teen Ink in the future, Smith said it’s a very easy process. “You just write a draft, revise, upload it to their site, and then editors will review it and potentially choose it to be featured in the article.”

Information for the Teens Making A Difference Essay Contest, can be found here: