Meet Senior Grace Hooge

Grace Hooge is a senior at Arrowhead. 


Outside of her academics, Hooge is on the Hawkettes, which is the dance team that plays during half time shows at Arrowhead. For two years now, she has been team captain of the Hawkettes. 


The Hawkettes is made up of 19 girls ranging from freshmen to seniors. There are three captains, including senior Brooke Haffermann and junior Grace Hamilton. 


“The team is so close, we hangout outside of school often,” Grace said. 


As team captain, Hooge runs practices every Monday and Wednesday, creates choreography, teaches and cleans routines, leads warmups, and sets up outside team bonding activities, like aerial yoga and goat yoga.


Hooge also works as a manager at Walgreens and is a member of National Honor Society, a club at Arrowhead that values service, leadership, and character. She has done volunteer work for this club, like writing letters to the elderly, handing out water at big events, and overall helping people. 


Last year, Hooge participated in a dance summer camp and was awarded top ten dancer out of 200 other girls. She went to Disney World and danced in a 45 minute long Disney parade with 100 other dancers. 


“We performed in front of thousands of people. It was a very difficult thing to prepare for,” Hooge said. 


Hooge has a planner to manage her time. She makes time for her friends and tries not to overwork herself. She said that she lessened her work load for her senior year to divide how busy she is. 


“School is my top priority,” Hooge said.