Arrowhead High School Cafe: 11 Years and Counting


James Norcross, Reporter

Among the coffee shops in Hartland is one not on Google Maps, but rather one in room N190 at Arrowhead High School’s North Campus.  The Arrowhead High School Cafe is open daily from 7-10 AM and offers a variety of coffee and tea beverages for students and teachers to purchase and drink.


The Arrowhead Cafe opened in 2011 and has experienced changes over the past eleven years of operation.


Among the changes include a “painted over” wall that used to have a mural, says senior Dylan Christensen.


A recent change is the change in ownership.  Currently, the cafe is under the new ownership of special education teacher Mary Sheldon.


The Arrowhead Cafe has a menu of both coffee and tea.  Customers can get a coffee, latte, tea, chai, hot chocolate, Starbucks Frappuccino, apple cider, and snacks.  Prices for these items range from one to three dollars depending on sizes. 


They also have seasonal drinks on the menu.  Currently they offer a Pumpkin Spice Latte for the fall, and senior Gonzalez says that they look forward to promoting their other seasonal drinks in the future.  Once the snow begins to fall this winter, they will offer a “Winter Chai” which has white chocolate and peppermint.  This spring,, they will offer a “Shamrock Latte” says Gonzalez.


The prices have increased this year for coffee from $.75 to $1.50 because they were “not turning a profit at all” but “for the current time period there are no plans to increase [the prices of] other beverages,” says Gonzalez.


Customers can get fifty cents off of their drink by bringing in a reusable cup.


To apply to work at the cafe, students can send an application to the current owner, Sheldon.  “You get one [class] credit for working here,” says Sheldon.  There is no pay for working at the cafe.


The cafe reaches its rush hour at “around 7:15” in the morning according to senior Piper Yde, a cafe regular.  


Senior Kate Sprinkman says that the “people who worked at the cafe last year brought in more customers.”


Students have a variety of opinions on the drinks.  Senior Grace Fitzgerald says the quality of the lattes “would change completely depending on who’s working.”  As for their chai, Yde says that they are “lowkey bomb” and that they are “gas” ( slang for something “amazing”).


 “Students are starting to actually get tired now” says Piper Yde