Two Arrowhead Teachers Receive Grant


The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin granted two English teachers at Arrowhead High School $1,000. Arrowhead matched that donation to students in creative writing classes as a way to get a taste of publishing work, while incorporating nature. 


Elizabeth Jorgensen, an AHS English teacher says, “I saw this grant in one of the teacher email lists I’m on. Because I already ask my creative writing students to write about nature’s wonders, I thought this grant would pair perfectly with that project.”


The project Jorgensen refers to is the Rachel Carson Landmark Alliance’s annual writing competition where people work in intergenerational teams to compose an entry under the themes of “A Sense of Wonder” or “A Sense of Wild.”


Jorgensen and Carnell’s students regularly write for the Rachel Carson Landmark Alliance’s annual Sense of Wonder/Sense of Wild competition. Carson was a marine biologist, a conservationist, and author. “Silent Spring” is an environmental book about the environmental effects caused by pesticides.


Jorgensen says, “I asked Mrs. Carnell if she wanted to send off an application for this grant with me so we could pair an art and outdoor element to our students’ Sense of Wonder/Sense of Wild entries. She agreed, so we applied, and were pleasantly surprised to find out we received the grant.”


Terri Carnell, an AHS English teacher, and Jorgensen are using the grant money for supplies, printing a magazine and celebrating. 


“A big portion will go towards publishing the student’s work, while the other bit will help purchase the supplies to help incorporate the art they create inspired by nature,” Carnell said.


The pieces of writing students will publish include an image or art artifact, which ties in the grant by incorporating nature, and writing.


Jorgensen says, “With the grant money, Mrs. Carnell and I purchased supplies. Students will use these supplies to make outdoor-centered artifacts to accompany their writing. Mrs. Carnell and I will put together all of the artifacts and writing into a publication. The remainder of the funds will be used to print the publication. Each student will walk away with a hard copy. We will also share electronic copies of the magazine with the school community. This entire project will be done before the end of first semester.”