Trends in Fall Fashion at AHS

As the seasons change, fashion trends and clothing choices change along with it. Not only does this accommodate the decreasing temperatures, but also gives students a chance to express themselves in different ways. 


Kate Sprinkman, a senior, says her favorite things to wear are her Dr. Martens and jeans. A black pair of Dr. Martens range from $170-$200. There is a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Dr Martens website’s best selling colors are white and black. They can be purchased from the Dr. Martens website


Research done by the New York Post has found that the most popular styles of jeans this season include highrise, baggy, and bootcut styles. Popularity of skinny jeans have been steadily decreasing. A place to buy jeans is American Eagle and Urban Outfitters located in the Brookfield Mall. 


A trend that Sprinkman has noticed recently is “longer skirts. I love those.  Trends that I don’t like [include] wearing athletic clothes to school. It’s never the move, never has been, and never will be,” she says.


Many Arrowhead students find maxi skirts at local thrift stores like Goodwill or Saint Vincent De Paul, however chain stores like Kohls, Maurices, and Forever 21 have also been known to sell this style of skirt. 


According to The Trend Spotter, “Green is the color of the season. Be it lime or emerald, the tone has taken over collections at Bottega Veneta, Ganni, and many others.”


Sprinkman says, “There are more people wearing green because green is a fun color. My personal favorite is forest green. Forest green: top tier. Sage green: mid tier.” 


James Norcross, a junior, has been noticing this trend in the hallways of Arrowhead. “I have been seeing more green.  Especially green cargo pants and sweaters.” 


Cargo pants can be thrifted or bought at stores such as Tilly’s, Pacsun and American Eagle. Thrifted cargo bottoms can be thrifted from $5 to $20. For large brands the prices can range from $20 to $100 dollars. 


In accordance to The Every Girl, classic button ups are a fashion constant, but the oversized button up style is this year’s trend, including nostalgic cargo bottoms. The recognizable khaki color has become a favorite of the season.


Norcross says, “Fall trends I have seen this year have been a rise in jeans and cargo pants. I have also seen a rise in wearing white collared shirts under clothing. I have seen a lot of layering. And something else is flannel. Flannel came back strong and it’s scary. I have seen flannel under sweatshirts, over sweatshirts, in a variety of ways.”