Martin keeps busy


Chris Martin is an Arrowhead alumni, who has been teaching mathematics at Arrowhead for fifteen years. He teaches Advanced Math & Statistics, Advanced Algebra, and AP Computer science. Besides being a teacher, Martin keeps busy by being involved with the Arrowhead community, and with his family.


Martin says, “I’d like to be known as someone who is absolutely an Arrowhead fan. As much as I love working events keeping score, I like seeing you guys outside of class to see their successes.”


He says the big rule for any of his classes is the basic philosophy of students engaging in mathematical discourse throughout the class period.


Students in AMS 1 participate in weekly investigations to deepen their understanding of current topics. The way to do them has changed this year. It has gone from individual papers to online group investigations. 


Martin said, “The class has grown significantly over the last seven years. Being able to give timely feedback to students has become difficult, so submitting online via Canvas for their group has allowed me to free up that time. It’s working really well; students feel the deadline and actually complete their work.” 


Martin says his family keeps him busy. His two daughters, Brayleigh and Tenley are actively involved in sports. His nine year old Brayleigh plays soccer, and plays softball for the Merton Fillies. Martin assistant coaches. His seven year old daughter Tenley dances competitively. 


He says, “The wife and I are constantly busy with nightly routines getting the kids everything they need.” 


At Arrowhead, Martin does not share a classroom. He teaches the standard load of six classes. Four classes of AMS 1, one Advanced algebra, and one advanced computer science class. In CSA his students learn to program and code with the potential to go to college. He teaches everything solo besides a section of AMS1. Martin says he also receives fellow teacher Kelly Hassler’s help. 


“Hassler has helped AMS 1 ever since we started and she has been here since the beginning. We’re on year eight and she has been a co teacher every year, and I’m super ecstatic to have her. She has really good rapport and helps when students struggle in ways I can’t,” Martin says. 


Senior Jacob Fuller said, “Mr. Martin pushes me academically to be the best student I can be, he’s also very chill.” 


Martin helps with the math meets that are four times a year. The students do individual and team tests at meets. They compete twice a semester, and go to MSOE in November to compete. It’s a more student lead and driven activity. 


Arrowhead teacher Cammy Lei is the unofficial assistant. 


Martin says, “The teams are really successful. It’s cool to see students interested in a topic and seeing what they know.”