Teachers and Students Give Study Tips

Mark Leoni teaches math and suggests that for math tests students study differently from any other subject. 


“Homework is studying, you learn stuff by doing homework, cramming for a math test doesn’t work,” he says. 


Senior Noah Vasko says that AP classes are what he needs to study for the most by going through his notes before tests. 


Chris Skaros, who teaches American Problems and US History, also had advice. Skaros students should try to understand the big picture, and not the small details. He also had some direct advice for seniors: practice studying even if high school comes easy, because college is not like high school. 


Skaros also suggests going to a different environment to study, like the library or Panera. 


Senior Killian Weston uses Quizlet, which is a website used for studying and learning different materials.


Janelle Jaquish, an Advanced Math and Statistics II, Geometry, and Algebra teacher says that chewing gum while studying and while taking the test can help students remember details easier. Jaquish also suggests trying math problems without looking at notes before a test. 


“Limit your distractions and set it up for manageable increments of time, try and reward yourself with a phone break,” she says. 


Brendan Gonring, who monitors the junior study halls says that studying is easier when you put your phone away. 


Senior Cameron Flannick says his best method for studying is going through his notes for 10 minutes every night for a week helps him prepare for tests.