Students Review Hawkfest 2022


Students and their families were invited to Hawkfest, an annual tradition at Arrowhead involving games, inflatables, and food at north campus. Hawkfest was followed by a home football game. This year the game was against Mukwanago, and Arrowhead lost  31 to 30. The event was on Friday, September 23rd from 3:30-7:30pm. 


Camila Obayashic, an Arrowhead sophomore, says, “the train inflatable; that looked like really cool, I really liked that.” 


The fair had food available for purchase. There were mini donuts, $3.00 hot dogs or brats, $6.00 popcorn and more. Most students paid for food using cash or credit card. 


Talon Lusk, an Arrowhead sophomore, said his favorite part of Hawkfest was “seeing my friends” and that he got some food, and ate “five hot dogs.”


Blake Larson, an Arrowhead sophomore, said, “All the rides were pretty cool,” yet he says he did not go on any bouncy houses because he was “too big for it.” Most inflatables were designed for smaller children.


Hawkfest had a theme that matched the football game, that being neon or 80s. Lucy Fredman, an Arrowhead sophomore, said she did not like the theme. 


Fredman said, “I don’t think a lot of people dressed for it accurately…Camila did because she’s awesome and the best.” 


Students dressed up in neon shirts, pants or shorts. Many wore windbreakers, scrunchies, and other bright and stereotypical clothing from the 80s. 


Some students hung out with friends or did other things before arriving at Hawkfest. 


Oscar Piering, an Arrowhead freshman, said, “I was having a rager time at Sweet Dreams. We were playing ice hockey, I mean air hockey.  We were betting a bunch of cash the first round, I won and got a bunch of cash! But then he went for round two double or nothing…double or nothing! and you know what happened? I lost, dude. The band kids beat me dude.”