About the Lit Mag: From the Editors


We are the 2022-2023 editors of the AHS Literary Magazine, Betsy Ganos and Anya Behringer.  We are both seniors at Arrowhead High School.


Any student at Arrowhead High School is eligible to be featured in the Arrowhead Literary Magazine. Submissions will be sorted through by us, the senior editors. 


The Arrowhead Literary magazine is a collection of submissions from students at Arrowhead High School. These submissions can consist of photography, writing, and (photos of) artwork. These pieces do not have to be school related in any way and do not have to be class assignments; however, they can be.  


There is no limit to how many pieces you can submit. Submissions should be emailed to [email protected]. We will go through submissions as they come in. You will hear back from us if your piece is selected for the Lit Mag. 


We will be working on the Lit Mag throughout the school year, and pieces can be submitted anytime now until March 1st, 2023. 


The final version will be available after spring break for pick up in room N199.  The published magazine can also be found online along with past editions here.


Elizabeth Jorgensen, an AHS English teacher and the faculty literary magazine advisor says, “I am eager to see what Betsy and Anya put together. Each year the literary magazine is innovative and creative and I’m sure this year will be no different. I would also like to encourage all AHS students to submit to the lit mag. Being published is a great resume builder—and it’s so rewarding to see your work in print.”


Every year the magazine has a creative theme, which consists of formatting and artistic details throughout the magazine.  This year, we have decided to not release what the theme will be until publication.

More information on the Lit Mag can be found here, and all questions can be sent to [email protected].