An Inside View on the AHS School Nurse Aide


Eiley Brahm and Elyse Jungbluth

Arrowhead High School is occupied by one school nurse between both campuses along with two health room aids. As seasons change and students encounter others daily at school, illness can spread.


Danielle Catarozzoli works her first half of the day at south campus and her second half at north as a nurse aide. 


“I like having the freshmen and sophomores and juniors and seniors at different campuses,” Catarazzoli said. 


Being a health room aide means being in the health room at designated times, both before lunch and after, and helping students with their needs throughout the day. 


Given that Catarozzoli travels between north and south, being at south from 10 to 12 and at north from 12 until 3, she experiences different traffic flow throughout the day.


“Fifth and sixth hours, so the lunches,” Catarozzoli said are the busiest parts of her day in the health room. 


Before coming to Arrowhead, Catarozzoli stated,


 “I’ve been in the medical field for a long time, I took a break before and after my kids were born, but around then years,” 


“I was sick a lot as a kid and some people were not kind so I just knew I didn’t want to be someone who wasn’t kind to kids who needed help,” Catarozzoli said. 


Arrowhead keeps a licensed nurse on campus.


 “The registered nurse is housed at south campus and if there’s big emergencies she comes to north, but she comes to north for an afternoon once a month,” Catarozzoli said.