Arrowhead Students Get Ready For Spirit Week


Anna Davis and Alex Hajdukiewicz

Arrowhead’s Homecoming spirit week starts October 10th and ends on the 14th. Each day of the week has its own theme that students can dress up for. 


  • Monday: Pajama/Comfiest clothes day

  • Tuesday: Color day 

    • Seniors: Pink
    • Juniors: Blue
    • Sophomores: Green
    • Freshman: Purple
    • Teachers: Tie-dye
  • Wednesday: Zoom day (wear dressy on the top and casual on the bottom) 

  • Thursday: Red Carpet day (dress in formal wear)

  • Friday: Red Out 

Senior Nora Perugini says, “I plan on participating in most spirit days.” And she says she plans on wearing, “Halloween PJ pants that are super soft” for Monday. She said, “I wish that we could do a dress up as movie or TV characters day or dress up like a celebrity” as a potential theme. 

Planned by the Student Senate, these themes differ from last year. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are the same, despite Wednesday’s change of colors; however, last year, Tuesday was Hawaiian day and Thursday was jersey day. 

When asked if she preferred this year’s or last year’s colors, senior Reagan Russ said, “This year’s.” She also said, “I’m excited for the red carpet day.”


Junior Isabella Marquart is also excited for the red carpet day but she says, “I’m not completely sure on what I’m going to do.” 


A teacher, Jennifer Pfeiffer, says she’ll participate in, “Some of the days. Every day except the Red Carpet and Zoom days…I like that there is a variety and they’re different.”