AP Art Students earn College Credits


Arrowhead offers an AP art class to all upperclassmen who completed the prerequisites for the college-level class. In this class, students have the chance to earn credits for college while still attending high school. This class is located at North campus, room 154, taught by Sherry Moseler during 4th period on B days. 


Moseler teaches the AP art class at Arrowhead. She studied at Cardinal Stritch University, earning her MA in Educational Leadership, attended Marian College to receive her BA in Professional Educator, and also the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh to receive her BA in Art Education. 


The final for this class is assigned to the students right off the bat. “From what I understand the final will include our portfolio and a writing portion of our thought process throughout the entire year/ what techniques learned. What really influenced my work was my childhood. That’s the theme for my portfolio because I wanted to do something fun and that I know a lot about,” says Brittain Wittig, an Arrowhead AP art student.


Ryanne Farris, an Arrowhead Senior AP Art Student says, “I find emotions influence my work more than anything.” Farris’s work tends to be focused on capturing how a person can impact your life and how to make that come alive on paper. “My favorite media is watercolor. It helps me bring out emotions that are hard for me to explain with words,” says Farris. 


Joining AP classes is a decision every student at Arrowhead has to make. Roo Lemerond, an Arrowhead Senior Art Student says, “I just don’t take APs because I don’t have the mental capacity for it, but I have pretty much taken any other art class that isn’t a 3D thing.” 


Lemerond says, “I’m hoping to be an illustrator. I’d really like to illustrate and maybe even write a children’s book.” She, like many other students, is pursuing colleges, if not careers, with art and design involvement. 


Farris says, “I thought last year I wanted to become a painter for a career, but then I realized I wanted to be a nurse. I’ll be going to nursing school at Concordia University Wisconsin next year!” 


Nora Perugini, an Arrowhead senior AP art student, says, “I hope to take a minor in art in my college career. I’m gonna be majoring in musical theater. I hope to either apply to Stevens Point or UW Lacrosse.”


Students have to consider what media they plan to use for each project, but there has to be some diversity from past experiences. 


Perugini says, “I normally use watercolor but since it’s my second year I have to use a different medium cause that’s how the AP course works, and so I’m doing clay this year.”