Emerging Fashion Trends at Arrowhead

The first month here at Arrowhead has almost finished. This has given the students time to express themselves through the power of fashion. With a student population of 2,087, many trends emerged.


Riley Neville, an Arrowhead senior, shares what some of the rising trends students are seeing, what she loves, and what she would love to see. 


I have been really interested in the low rise jean flare movement even though not many people support it, unlike them, I will always support a good low rise flare. I also really love head scarves and headwear, for example, hats, bandeaus, and headbands. Lastly, I would love to get Arrowhead on pins that you can attach to your clothes, like small decorative ones or even big statement pins that you can find at vintage stores.”


Fashion is also cyclical and certain haute-couture can come and go. Decades can trigger different styles, and even though it may not be the 70’s or the 90’s the styles can stay around. 


Vogue.com states, “A some-what made up but eerily accurate rule states that fashion’s cylicity see trends resurface around 20 years after their initial runs.”


Not only outside of Arrowhead, but inside the school, the 20 year rule also applies. 


“The 90’s is more common throughout here at Arrowhead. Others and I are incorporating the 90’s baggy jeans trends from brands like Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie,” says Ryann Steinbauer, an Arrowhead junior. 


Shoes can also be influenced by time periods. Shoe enthusiasts at Arrowhead sport some new brands or returning favorites. 


Carson Ketterhagen, Arrowhead senior, participates in reselling shoes. He says what he and his friends are promoting.


“Jordans or Dunks are the most popular footwear brands that I’ve seen at Arrowhead. My favorites would have to be either Jordan 1’s or 4’s,” says Ketterhagen. 


Fashion is ever changing and it can be hard to keep up with the newest trends. To elevate an outfit and make it look chic is something that can be challenging.


Neville says, “Jewelry is so important when elevating an outfit. Something that I find really cool is mixing gold and silver. There is nothing better than seeing a good outfit with tons of jewelry like layered necklaces, tons of bracelets, and a big stack of rings.”