Arrowhead Students Remember Emily Sauld


Anya Behringer, Reporter

Arrowhead student, Emily Sauld, passed away September 21, 2019, at 14 years old after battling an auto-immune disease. Three years later, Sauld’s legacy lives on.


Sauld was three weeks into her freshman year when she passed, and would have been a senior this year, graduating with the class of 2023. 


She left an impact on Arrowhead Students. Arrowhead Senior, Erika Graf, says, “The biggest impact Emily had on me was probably her humor. I can’t remember a time where she wasn’t smiling, laughing, or dancing.” 


Similar remarks have been made by others who knew Sauld. 


Arrowhead Senior, Reagan Russ, says, “I think the biggest mark that Emily left on me was how positive she was about anything. Whenever she was faced with some kind of low in her life, she would always still be smiling and have a good attitude about it. Whether that be losing a basketball game, getting a bad grade, or just something bad happening.”


Sauld was passionate about basketball. Her family began fundraising in June 2022 to build a basketball court in the community, in Sauld’s honor. Her family is looking to raise $55,000 and have the court built in Lisbon Oaks Park in Lisbon, Wisconsin.


Russ says, “I think the basketball court is an amazing idea and I can’t wait to see it finished. I was lucky enough to play basketball with Emily all through middle school and it was truly her passion. This basketball court is a great way to honor Emily and share her passion for the game with everyone.”


Donations for the basketball court in Sauld’s honor can be made here


“I really like the idea of a basketball court dedicated to Emily. I find it very fitting to keep her legacy,” says Graf.